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Request Sample The Childrens Clothing market revenue was xx.

Bossini swot

In the first question, it will explain about Giordano Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strength of Giordano is many people known about the brand, so it become a well known brand, they also have value for money strategy, because they know that value is more important than others, in this strategy they try to find a way to sell cheaper and it affordable for every customer and it more convenience for the customer.

They also very careful in choosing the supplier and they will not increase the price if it is not necessary. They also offer a high level customer satisfaction by providing professional employee that already been train to be an intrapreneurs to become the best service.

Even though they have strengths they also have some weaknesses that they have to deal. Such as they do not have storeroom in each store so it become complicated if they have a new arrival, they need to order the collection from their distributor. And the collection of Giordano is too standard, so for example in Indonesia the customer prefer to buy clothes in cheaper outlet such as in mangga dua than in Giordano, because mangga dua offer variety of style and sometimes it is more up to date and follow the trend.

The opportunities of Giordano are they can be a trendsetter in the market if they willing to do research to find out what customer wants and need, always innovate the product and follow the trend. They also have opportunities to open more branches in other country not only in Asia.

Even though Giordano is well known brand but they also have threat that they need to consider. They have many competitors in the market such as Esprit, Gap, hang ten, bossini, baleno.

So they have to be ready with their update fashionable trends in order to stay in front of the competitors.

They also can create bad impression for the company, too polite can disturb the customer such as when customer enter Giordano outlet the employee always follow the customer and ask what they need, it can be good but sometimes when customer enter the outlet just to looking around it become very disturbing and make them not comfortable to think twice to come back.

For example for geographic they choose country that have tropical weather such as Asia, because they make product that very comfortable to wear in this kind of situation. For demographic, the clothes that Giordano sell is suitable for both female and male with age around 15 till However for Social grade of Giordano they targeting for middle high customer.

Targeting In targeting, Giordano tend to grab the market that for teenager and adult. Because they sell clothes such as jeans, t-shirt, hat and et cetera and also the concept of Giordano is suitable for the market.

Bossini swot

Positioning Creating a concept of Giordano in the mind of members of identified target audience that is the positioning of Giordano. The positioning of Giordano in other competitorSuch as esprit that can be positioning have same quality value for money with Giordanobut Giordano price is more cheaper than esprit.

Out of ignorancepeople chose the brand. Explain and analyze the 7Ps of Giordano Product The customer of Giordano do not want to buy only the product itself but they want to buy the value that they can get from the product.

For example, Giordano t-shirt, customer wants to buy the product because of the value that they can get whether it is comfortable or not. Price The price of Giordano is not too expensive, they try to build an image that Giordano clothes can be bought and wear by everyone, so it is still affordable price.

Even though in other country, but the design is still the same which is very simple. Promotion The promotion strategy that they used is already good; they spend large proportion of its turnover on advertising and promotion. They aggressive enough to do the advertising, they promote their product through campaign that very creative for example they using radio station.

Physical evidence Most of the employee in Giordano is very polite because they already get train to handle the customer.

If they already make a promise to the customer, they try to keep the promise. They also provide guarantee for the product, for example if the customer already buy the product and they feel that they not satisfy with the product they can exchange the product and there is no limit for that.

People People are the key they make exceptional service possible. They always try to encourage what they learning by cultivating culture and by providing positive reinsforcement Value for money concept had proven to successful.The Retailer Analysis on Bossini provides indepth information on Bossini and its trading operations in Singapore, to fully analyse all aspects of Bossini so that users have all the information necessary to enable an objective appraisal of the company's retail and other activities.

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SWOT Analysis. SWOT analysis by type of Market Entry. Topic: Brand analysis — Chinese brand Bossini. Order type: Coursework Analyze a minor chinese brand which was chosen Bossini.

Bossini swot

Highlight the weaknesses at all levels for this brand and finally give suggest solutions for this brand. this is the first part about analyze from the view of all the marketing and branding about Bossini company. it must conclude. "Bossini Swot" Essays and Research Papers Bossini Swot  SWOT This is used to help focus activities into areas of strength and where the greatest opportunities lie.

Bossini Company History Timeline of Growth Fast Fashion Industry What They Stand For Company Analysis SWOT Analysis 5 Forces Analysis Problems Suppliers Customers Replacements Barriers of entry Competitors High Business Process Reengineering December 6, Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Brand - Tools - Human resources training.

Bossini International Holdings Limited - Business Description Bossini International Holdings Limited - Corporate Strategy Bossini International Holdings Limited - SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis. Another part of the report is a SWOT-analysis carried out for Bossini International Holdings Ltd..

It involves specifying the objective of the company's business and identifies the different factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.

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